God’s Glory Shines Brightest in Your Weakness

God’s Glory Shines Brightest in Your Weakness

2 Corinthians 12:9 (NIV)
But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

Do you ever find yourself frustrated or discouraged with areas of your life that you are just not getting right?

They would be called areas of weakness for you.  These would be areas you do not naturally excel at, and you find yourself failing over and over again. Or it could be something new you are adding to your life and there is a big learning curve so you make many mistakes along the way.

We can be so impatient when things don’t happen for us as we imagine they should. We can also be very hard on ourselves when we are not naturally gifted or excelling in an area that we feel we should be able to thrive in. We can be quick to compare ourselves to others and feel discouraged because their results seem so much greater (at least outwardly right?)

Can I give you some encouragement today if this sounds all too familiar? 

I was having some quiet time with God earlier this week and seeking His guidance for my role and my purpose-just checking in to see if I was still on track with what He desires for me. One thing He shared with me was to not let pride become a stumbling block and get in my way. He said I was to remain humble and seek Him first and foremost, always. He then told me not to focus on what others think of me, and then  shared this amazing truth…you miss Me, and how I am working in your imperfections to make all things beautiful when you focus on what others think. You miss Me… Wow!

You see God created us to have imperfections so that His glory might shine brightly through us! If we did everything perfectly on our own, why would we ever call on Him? How could we ever show His grace, His strength and courage, His wisdom, or His love if we had everything we needed on our own? We would then receive the glory, and we wouldn’t be lifting up praises to our Heavenly Father who provides for our every need.

The next time you recognize a weakness you have, rejoice in it! Praise God for that weakness and surrender yourself and your situation to Him, asking Him to let His glory shine brightly through your imperfections. THIS is how we demonstrate the love of the Father. Through our weakness His power is made perfect! Let His perfect power flow in you, and through you to reach others.

If you struggle with addictions, let His perfect power release you from your strongholds! If you struggle with what others think of you, let His perfect power free you to focus on Him and Him alone. If you struggle with depression or anger, let His perfect power fill you with His joy and peace. If you struggle to offer forgiveness, let His perfect power humble you and soften your heart to let go of all bitterness or hatred. If you struggle to trust, let His perfect power fill you with His unfailing love and heal your brokenness from past wounds.

God’s power is made perfect in every imperfection and weakness you have! Surrender your weaknesses and strongholds to Him today, and let Him fill in every crack within your heart, mind, and soul with His perfect power.

I want to leave you with one final encouragement He gave to me as we ended our quiet time together. He said, “I love you child. Continue to be my faithful servant. Be encouraged and of good cheer. I have overcome the world! I have surely overcome any struggle you face.” 

Whatever you are facing, know your Heavenly Father has already overcome it with His perfect power. Will you seek Him, and surrender yourself fully to His perfect will in your life? Will you let Him fill in all your cracks with His perfect love and power? All you have to do is open your heart and ask Him to fill you. His glory will shine bright in your weakness every single time you call on His great name!

Let’s pray: 
Heavenly Father you are so beautiful. I love how you encourage me right when I need it, in exactly the way I need it as I choose to seek you. Thank you Lord that you don’t think less of me because of my weaknesses and imperfections, but you actually rejoice in them! It is in my weaknesses that your power is made perfect. You can shine brighter when I am weaker. Help me to remember this Lord and not become discouraged or frustrated when I find myself struggling. Help me Lord to quickly turn to you and seek your will and power flowing through me. Help me remember I am never alone, and in your perfect will there is no failure. God I surrender (insert your situation or area of weakness) fully to you and trust you to guide me and fill me as you see fit. I know you will never steer me into harm’s way, and your ways are always best for me. I choose to follow you and trust in you. You are truly a good, good Father and I love you.  In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

May you let God’s perfect power shine brightly through your weakness!
Love God and love others deeply, and be blessed in return!

Pastor Karrie

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