Children’s Ministry


Children's Ministry is PAUSED for a little bit, due to COVID-19.

Children's Ministry During Sunday's Message

We offer a young children's ministry for ages 2-8 during the message portion of worship service. Parents and grandparents with young children can focus on receiving the message, while their children learn all about the love God has for them and how they can begin building a personal relationship with Jesus in a fun and interactive way .

Bring your young children and let us pour God's love into them while you are fed by His Word.

Join us for our Fall Series:

"The Armor of God"

 Starting with the School Year, we will be walking your younger children through the the Armor of God talked about in Ephesians Chapter 6. We'll break down all the pieces of  the armor in ways they can understand.  Then teach them HOW they use these in their daily life and in school.  It's going to be a fun way to help your little's learn great lessons on how to protect themselves and be prepared in a Healthy Godly way!!


Rio Community Egg hunt

We proudly support and help faciliate The Rio Community Egg Hunt at the Firemens Park each year!   Watch our calendar Next Easter to join us in 2020!