Praise and Worship Ministry

Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms - Psalms 95:2

We believe true Worship is a lifestyle, that it is an everyday choice to place God at the center of all we do. True Worship is a matter of the heart and spirit, expressed through a lifestyle of holy submission and obedience to the one true God, maker of all that is seen and unseen, creator and author of our faith and salvation. It is surrendering all before God, and opening our hearts to praise Him for who He is and magnify His great name. It is about coming before the King of all Kings with a reverent heart to proclaim our devotion to Him. It is to prepare our hearts to draw close to Him, and receive whatever truths He wants to reveal to us. It is joining our spirit to His, and aligning our heart to His.

Has God blessed you with musical gifts? 

Do you have a passion to serve God and others through music? If so, please talk with Pastor Karrie. We are in a time of  growth in our praise ministry, and if God is placing it on your heart to offer your musical gifts to encourage others and help hearts draw close to God, then we want to invite you to talk with us. You might be the very person God is sending to our church for such a time as this!