Women’s Ministry

Dear Daughter of Mine Conference

Saturday, October 8th 9am-2pm

At Living Gospel Church

~ Savoring the Sweet Fragrance of Sisterly Counsel ~

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Gill Robertson - Adult Ladies Speaker:
Gill is a hospice chaplain in Madison and also works alongside her husband, Craig, as a pastor of New Crossing Church, a nondenominational church in Sun Prairie.  Over the years she is learning to believe that God loves her for who she is rather than for what she does.  She desires for everyone to have a community within which they can discover the beauty of living in God’s truth.  Gill is passionate about healthy relationships and marriages and cares deeply about unity in the body of Christ.  She loves the outdoors and experiences God’s beauty in creation when she gets to ride her bike, paddle a kayak, go hiking or just enjoy the plants on her deck; she is also an avid Scottish dancer!.  Gill grew up in England and met and married Craig in California.  They have an adult daughter and son, a son-in-law and a baby granddaughter.
 With Proverbs 27:9 in mind Gill will talk to us about Healthy Relationships
Gill shares we can really only have healthy friendships when we begin with friendship with Jesus as our foundation.  Gill will take truths found in John 15 regarding how healthy friendships bear good fruit, are sacrificial, encourage our obedience, and are loving (ie. wanting the best for each other).  God designed us for relationship (in person, not virtual) and in community.  Proverbs 27:9 indicates that our closest friendships should be focused on more than having a good time; they should also encourage us in our relationship with Christ.  (We don’t need friends who are critical, but we also don’t want friends who will validate us when we have attitudes or make choices that aren’t pleasing to God.) Let's explore and build on God's truth for healthy relationships with our sisters.
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Worship Leader - Danae Gibson
I felt the Lord call me to worship when I was 14 years old. From that moment I have been working on getting to know how to worship the Lord on and off stage. Worship is not just singing it’s in every aspect of our lives. I have been greatly married to my Husband Andrew now for 8 years and we have three daughters! Aria is 5, Raelle is 2 1/2, & Teagan who is 1. We added Autumn who is 17 to our house in June of this year. I look forward to sharing my passion for worship and being a vessel, that God will use!

All will enjoy our first message, with the youth breaking about halfway through to enjoy a fun ice breaker activity on their own. We'll have a short break and dive into our second messages from Gill and Katie and allow for great small group sharing following the messages.


We'll all come back together for a wonderful lunch served by the men of Living Gospel Church and enjoy a time of fellowship. We'll gather back together for additional praise and worship and our tradition of sharing love letters from God for all ladies.


It's sure to be a wonderful day to come together as God's daughters! Please help spread the word and be sure to join in this uplifting and powerful day of worship!

Our focus will be based on the scripture -
Proverbs 27:9 ESV

"Oil and perfume make the heart glad, and the sweetness of a friend comes from his earnest counsel."

Karrie Landsverk-Adult Speaker & Pastor of Living Gospel
Professional Speaker and Educator as well. Karrie vividly remembers the day God grabbed hold of her heart as an adult and tears of joy were streaming down her face as she encountered His love for her. He has given her great faith in who He is and the promises He has for His children. It is her great passion to show others this same love Christ offers to all who will open their hearts to Him. Pastor Karrie strongly believes we as God’s daughters have all been called to make a powerful impact on the world around us for His glory and our great joy! Each of us has been gifted uniquely to share His love, grace and hope and God rejoices over us first as His creation and continuously as we courageously follow His lead! Pastor Karrie will share our opening message focused on our conference theme.
Youth Leader - Katie Schrankel
My name is Katie Schrankel, my husband Chad and I are blessed with six beautiful children between the ages 5 & 15.  We are currently serving as the Children's Ministers at Shell Lake Full Gospel Church and have a passion to teach God's Word and minister to families in our community. I enjoy studying the Bible, painting, doing hair, baking cookies and going on hiking adventures with my friends and family.
Theme Verse: Proverbs 27:9 The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense.
 Have you ever thought about how the advice and care of a true friend is like sweet perfume? Consider how the sweetness of a fragrant perfume lingers and lasts. Just the mere thought of kind words from a friend can bring a smile to our face. God has uniquely designed us with the need for the structure of family, community and friendship. Throughout this session, we will explore the value of Godly friendship through Christ's example, then looking inward at our own hearts. Dear sisters, I look forward to this journey of growing in God together and cultivating sweet friendships that reflect the fragrance of Christ.
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Remember we give special prizes for the very first registration and the one who registers the largest group of ladies!


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