Missions Supported by Living Gospel Church

We welcome and invite your prayerful and financial support to any and each of these important ministries. Please read about each one and see where God might be calling you to generously give of your time, talents, and finances to further advance His kingdom and bring glory to His great name!


Kids Alive International in Constanza, Dominican Republic

Living Gospel Church sends an annual service team to offer support and fellowship at The Arc, community housing and a school maintained by the Kids Alive ministry. Our service team spends a portion of their time improving the physical structures in their campus, and another portion of their time loving on the children who live at The Arc.

This year's service team includes mission leader Bob Breneman, and 5 other adults and two youth.  We are very excited to have youth serving on this mission team and bringing God's hope and love to other nations. It will be an incredible life-changing experience for all who attend. 

We invite and encourage you to please pray for Kids Alive, the service teams, but mostly the thousands of children that need shelter, food, health care, education, and the hope of Christ all across the globe.

We also invite you to be part of this ministry through financial support in helping fund this service team this year. While you won't be there physically you can be part of the blessing through your prayers and financial contribution knowing you are making a significant impact in the community this team will be ministering to.

If it is on your heart to support our 2019 service team and help cover expenses, it would be a precious and appreciated gift. Please know about $800 of the $1500 expense is contributed towards the ongoing programming and care offered to the children who are part of Kids Alive. It covers their housing, food, shelter, medical needs, education, and ministry support. Find great joy knowing your contributions go towards ongoing care and development.
To contribute financially please click here and choose "Constanza DR Service Team" as your giving type in the drop down menu. Enter in the donation you wish to contribute and it's that simple! Every prayer, every donation, every hand that is a part of this mission is piece of something so much bigger. Thank you for being that “someone."

Our mission leader shared after their most recent mission trip:

"When we go on a mission trip we are letting God lead us into a new experience. Usually, we go wanting to help others, which definitely is a main focus, but if we go with the love of God of flowing through us, we in turn are blessed in unexpected and wonderful ways.  Many times we might be personally struggling with something in our lives as we begin this mission, and as we open ourselves to serve God's people in love, our answers become very clear to us. It is such an incredible joy to make new friends, love the children, feel their love in return, and watch God's kingdom grow."

Vessels of Mercy Ministries 

This is Christ based and dedicated to bringing God's mercy to the nations.­ We are a hands on ministry that works through local churches in southeast Asia.­ The Philippines, Viet Nam, and Bangladesh are our current countries of focus.­ We believe in a two-fold approach for strengthening believers.­ This involves training local leaders for ministry, as well as meeting basic needs through sponsoring educational, medical, and livelihood projects.

We at Living Gospel Church support this ministry annually in helping raise up leaders who can preach and teach the Gospel in the countries mentioned above. This ministry also helps offer education to a high population of deaf children in Viet Nam. We pray God's continued favor and blessings upon this growing and vital ministry.


Gideons International

Taken from their website, "We are a body of believers dedicated to making the Word of God available to everyone and, together with the local church, reaching souls for Christ." 
The Gideons International is the result of a meeting between two men who wished to band commercial travelers together for evangelism. What began in 1908 as an Association of Christian businessmen placing Bibles in hotel rooms has evolved into an expanding mission to provide Scriptures to all people in nearly every facet of life. Today, we have taken more than 2 billion Scriptures in more than 95 languages to 200 countries, territories, and possessions across the globe.
We exist as an advocate for the lost, to bring them the saving knowledge of the Word through not only placing and distributing Scriptures, but also through personal witnessing and by associating together for service. As a united force for the Gospel, we remain rooted in tradition, but we operate under the firm belief that anyone can be a valuable asset to this invaluable cause.
We at Living Gospel Church support this vision and mission and give to this ministry annually to help support their continued and growing efforts to reach the lost.


Rio Area Food Pantry (Local Mission)

Members of Living Gospel Church coordinate two annual events that directly benefit the Rio Area Food Pantry in both food donations and cash donations to offset expenses to operate the pantry.

In the fall, some of our members coordinate A Holiday Craft Fair which has many vendors come together to showcase their products and services to the Rio community. These vendors also donate an item of value from their merchandise to a raffle for attendees to purchase tickets for. Attendees are encouraged to bring in non-perishable food items and will receive a free raffle ticket for every item donated.  All proceeds from the raffle tickets sold is donated to the food pantry along with a large amount of actual food items to share with those in need.

In the spring, Living Gospel members coordinate a Spring Luncheon Fundraiser where all proceeds go directly to offset operational expenses the food pantry incurs.  We offer great local entertainment and provide a nice meal for attendees to enjoy. This event includes the great support of many local businesses and community members to donate and sponsor food for the meal, and a huge selection of items for raffle and silent auction. Community members attend and purchase tickets for the meal, purchase raffle tickets, and place bids on the auction items.

Both events are fun ways to bring community together and give back to those living within the Rio community who need a little extra support.

God bless you for your prayerful support!