Receive the Gift of Everlasting Peace

Receive the Gift of Everlasting Peace

John 14:27 (NIV)
“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

Jesus tells us in the gospel of John that he leaves us his peace, and that it is different than anything we will receive in this world. 

His peace is one that surpasses all understanding, and is not dependent on our circumstances. It is everlasting and sustains us through every obstacle we face. The peace of Christ is a gift that we must first receive, and choose to open in our lives.

His peace is available for all who want it. Do you long for greater peace in your life? 

I understand for many this time of year can often be everything but peaceful. We put pressures on ourselves to have everything on the outside appear “perfect, perfect, perfect!” All the while on the inside we are building up enormous stress over how much we are spending, strained relationships in our families, broken marriages, or loved ones we have lost.

Christmas for many, can be incredibly stressful and if this is you today, I want to remind you of a very precious gift that is available for you to receive right now. It is not dependent on how much money you have in the bank, or the status of your relationship with someone else, or how festive your house looks. It solely depends on the condition of your heart and whether you desire to receive this gift. It is a gift like none other. Nothing in this world can come close to comparing to the value of this gift. It will change your life like no other gift can. It will give you a new perspective to view your life. It will sustain you through the most difficult days you face in this life, like nothing and no one else can. It will wash over you with a great calmness. It will enable you to see blessings around you even in your darkest moments, and live with great joy in every circumstance!

This gift is the very precious and priceless gift of peace through Jesus Christ. 

Have you received this gift in your life yet? Are you walking in it daily? It is yours to access every single day, in every situation. It is yours to help you find joy this Christmas when your circumstances tell you there is no reason for joy. It is yours, to experience love and hope this Christmas. Do you want this gift of peace that surpasses all understanding?

All you have to do is receive this gift. Then like any gift you receive, open it, and put it to use. It is intended to be used daily, not brought out just for special occasions. When you feel stress building inside you, think of Jesus and his love for you that is so great. Think of his love that stretches as far as the east is to the west. Remember his words, “my peace I give to you.” Let his peace calm your heart and mind. Let His Word guide your thoughts and actions. It is God’s greatest desire to give you a life filled with hope, joy, and peace. All you have to do is receive it.

Choose to receive the peace of Christ today, and choose to walk in the peace of Christ daily. 

This Christmas may the gift of peace through Jesus Christ be your most treasured gift, and may you in turn offer peace to all you know. If we truly want to see peace on earth, then let’s live out what we sing in the Christmas carol, “let there be peace on earth… and let it begin with me.” We can’t change the world all by ourselves, but we can absolutely change the world around us through our choice to extend peace and love to one another.

Let’s pray: 
Father God I thank you for this most precious gift of peace.  Lord I know I let my emotions rule my thoughts and drive my behaviors far too often. I let my circumstances determine whether I feel at peace or not. I know Lord that your peace is more than a feeling-it is a state of being that is everlasting and surpasses my limited understanding. Lord today I choose to receive your gift of peace, and I ask you to please enter my heart. I need you to guide my life and my ways. Fill me today with your Holy Spirit and remove from me any negative and destructive thinking Lord. Draw me to your Word so that I may come to know you more and learn your ways that lead to life filled with peace.  May I choose to walk in your peace daily no matter what circumstances I face.  Help me God to share this gift of peace with others in all I do this Christmas season and beyond.  In the name of Jesus I pray.  Amen.
May you be filled with the peace of Christ this Christmas.
BE a blessing to others-love others deeply, and be blessed in return!

Pastor Karrie

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