Refuel Your Mind and Heart for Your Day Ahead

Refuel Your Mind and Heart for Your Day Ahead

Ephesians 4: 22-24  “You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.”

What are you filling your mind with each morning? 

Do you open God’s Word every morning to let His truth and promises refuel your mind for your day ahead? 

Do you turn on the local news or social media first thing to be filled with a flood of information and opinions that might lift you or leave you feeling very unsettled? You never really know what you will see or hear do you?  Do you listen to music or talk radio first thing in the morning?

Where are you spending your time, and to whom are you giving those first precious minutes of your day to?

Who are you allowing to influence you and refuel your mind for your day ahead? 

Whether you intentionally choose to let someone or some media venue influence what you think about for the day, know you are being influenced.

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day to refuel our body’s energy after a long night’s rest right? We might not all take time to eat breakfast, but we know logically our body needs healthy food to replenish the energy used up the previous day. This is how we perform at our best each day. (No a caffeine drip straight to your bloodstream does not count as an instant breakfast.)

Do yourself a favor and toss back a handful of blueberries and almonds at minimum if you don’t have time to eat. Your body will thank you! 

The same truth applies to the importance of refueling our minds each day too. We are bombarded every day with an insane amount of information through countless media venues, our relationships with others, our jobs, and school. We have to sift through all the information we receive and decide what we will do with it. Do we let that information or comment impact us, and if it does, how great will we let the impact be in our day? Do we just discard the information and decide it is not important to us? Do we store the information away to be used at a later date? Often times this sorting and processing can weigh on us can’t it? It can keep us awake at night when we should be getting that much needed rest. It can linger in our minds following us into the next day if we haven’t sufficiently dealt with the information we received. If the impact is great enough, it can be our guide for how we handle the day ahead of us. 

Yet we have a choice don’t we? We choose every single day what we allow into our minds and how we will process information once it does enter our minds.

God has told us in His Word repeatedly to seek Him above all else, to meditate upon His Word, to ask if we lack wisdom and it will be given to us, and to love God with all our heart, all our soul, and all our mind. 

His Word above says, we are to put off our old selves which is being corrupted by deceitful desires (the enemy filling our minds) . We are to be made new in the attitude of our minds (our choice to fill our minds with God’s truth) and to put on our new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness. 

Satan hates it when we arm ourselves for spiritual battle through the knowledge and power of God’s Word. He would love for us to remain ignorant to God’s truth and promises for our lives, because he knows the more we read God’s Word, the less of a hold he has over our minds.

You are being influenced every single day. Who do you want influencing you? 

Take care of your mind and spirit by feeding it the Word of God each morning! Let God’s truth fill you and equip you to walk in His righteousness each day, no matter what circumstances you face.

Make the Word of God your breakfast of champions for your mind! “Eat your Wheaties” friends and read His Word. I know, I’m going back old school this week. If you’re too young to understand that reference, just slurp down a whey protein, flax seed and kale smoothie. It’s kind of the same…ok I agree, it’s really not the same at all. 

The point is refuel your mind right away each morning with the encouraging, uplifting wisdom we receive from our Heavenly Father. He will direct us in all our ways, so as we are bombarded with information overload, we are also equipped to handle it with the confidence and peace as God intends us to. We are able to lay our heads down at night and truly rest. We wake up refreshed and ready to start a new day knowing God will be our guide, and at our side every moment of every day.

What an awesome way to live!  If you do this currently, reflect on how this has changed your daily decisions and reactions. If you are not currently refueling your mind in the Word of God daily, would you be willing to take a challenge and try it over this next week? See if your days play out any differently when you make God and His Word your fuel for your mind each morning. Will you share with me what you experience? I would love to hear!

Let’s pray:
Heavenly Father thank you so much for offering me direct access to you and your Word as my daily guide and comfort. Lord I know I feel a greater peace when I draw near to you and let you guide my mind and heart. I also know I let myself become far too busy with things in my life that truly don’t fuel me like you do. Help me to cut out influences in my life that drain or confuse me and help me instead spend more time reading your Word. Increase my understanding of your Word Lord so I know how to apply your teachings to my life. Lord show me in your Word how to live as a conqueror and how to recognize lies from the enemy. I want to yield to your Holy Spirit and let you guide my decisions and my responses to circumstances. Help me to remember to yield to your Spirit Lord. Draw me to your Word each morning and fill me with a hunger to know you more and more. Refuel my mind with your truth each morning and prepare me to live each day filled with your joy and peace as you intend me to.  In your precious son Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Love God with all your heart. Love others the same, and be blessed in return!
Pastor Karrie


  1. There are times I feel I have crossed over God’s mercy line. Will God’s spirit speak to
    me one last time. There is a storm in my mind. I heard these words in a song and it is me.But I know that satin drew the line. I fell off the trail, it’s hard to walk rocks you look down and not up.I need to leave the t.v. off in the morning.

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