S.O.S Youth Group

S.O.S. (Soldiers of Our Savior)

The youth of Living Gospel Church came up with this name and have a great deal of ownership in building this ministry.


This is a powerful yet fun youth group created to teach and equip our youth to be mighty soldiers for Christ. We help our youth learn to develop personal and trusting relationships with God, how to hear His voice, and find their purpose in life according to His will. Youth are able to worship to music they love and learn how to use scripture and prayer to overcome real life struggles they face.

Fusion Bible Camp & Fusion Fire

Every June (this year is June 14th- 18th 2022) our youth head to Spencer Lake to attend Fusion Bible Camp for five days. We hear these are the best five days of their year! They might be already counting down to next year's camp! It is an incredible experience for our youth who come back FILLED with the Holy Spirit! If your youth is interested in being part of this transformational experience please contact Pastor Karrie. This camp is hosted through the IMA (International Ministerial Association) which our church is a member of. To learn more about this camp visit fusionbiblecamp.org.

We also attend Fusion Fire in the winter which is a jam-packed weekend, (mini-version), of Fusion Bible Camp! It helps our youth stay on fire for Christ throughout the year and breaks up the year long count down to Bible Camp.

The youth of Living Gospel Church hold several community fundraisers throughout the year to help pay their way to camp and support other missions they serve in.

Watch our events calendar for family movie nights and other special outings.

Proverbs 22:6 "Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it."